After two weeks of dedicated work, I’m pleased to present The Scribbler‘s new look and layout! Designed with creative growth in mind, the magazine-style site is a simple, sophisticated way to showcase my writing and editing skills: think of the footer as a business card and the website as a portfolio.

  • As the magazine evolves, the front page will feature my “latest and greatest,” including articles written for other sites (fingers crossed).
  • The pages on Arts and Culture (Arts), Travel and Culture (Travel), and Society and Culture (Culture) include everything written within those categories and subcategories, while the Archives is a collection of everything written on the site since The Scribbler‘s migration from Blogger to WordPress in AD 2017.
  • The Patreonage tab links to my Patreon account, which accepts small (and large) contributions of a pecuniary nature that can be used to procure essential commodities like lodging and sustenance.
  • A streamlined portfolio and style guide may appear after I review the magazine’s existing content for quality control, including twenty-five to thirty posts currently set to Private.
  • As time allows, semi-regular posting will resume on Sundays, at 9:00 a.m. instead of noon (PT).

Thank you for supporting The Scribbler!

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